Young International Study Group for System Biology

Young International Study Group for System Biology (YSGSB) is a child wing of the International Study Group for Systems Biology (ISGSB) and is a group of enthusiast research students and early career researchers at the interface of theoretical, modelling and experimental system biology. The aim of this focus group is to create a platform for young scientists to learn, discuss and share ideas among each other and collaborate for future research projects. You can follow it on Facebook.

In September 2014, a day before the ISGSB2014 conference started, YSGSB organized a special workshop intended for early career researchers at Collingwood College, where senior scientists introduced young investigators to the themes of this year’s ISGSB meeting (Ageing and Systems Biology, Metabolic Pathways Modelling, Signalling Modelling, Multiscale Modelling, Software and Computational Methods). The workshop was followed by a social activity including a nice barbecue and a city tour of Durham in the evening. The workshop was an opportunity for young scientist to know each other well and grasp the basics of the topics been covered in ISGSB2014.

Also, a special career session was held during the main meeting where a speaker from industry and a speaker from academia shared their insight into the different options after a PhD and what to expect from both worlds. The session was well received by all young scientists and was useful for all to plan their career in advance.

For the meeting in 2016, a YSGSB day is again planned to take place before the main meeting. The organisers are:

in Jena

and internationally

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